Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Quilted Table Center


Anonymous said...

que belleza tu trabajo me encanto nena saludos que tengas un dia muy bella
“No hay árbol bueno que pueda dar fruto malo, ni árbol malo que pueda dar fruto bueno. Cada árbol se conoce por su fruto.”

Lucas 6: 43

Lady Hands said...

I like what you did, the fabric and stitch too.
Have a nice day.

Diana said...

Beautiful work my friend, congratulations..

Luna said...

This is very very cute .Nice job and well done.Woww , beautiful....Congratulations !


Janet, said...

that is beautiful and so fresh and spring looking. Happy Easter!

Luna said...

Who wants to make Weslye ? Go ans take a look , ja,ja,ja ! He is adorable.Thanks for visiting !


Luna said...

Yessss Sweetheart ...., I do have the Google translator in my blog , so go back and use it...It's located up on my "About Me" in my blog....May be you haven't see it ...That's ok you can try next time . But I have one ...! Byeeeeee!


Norminha said...


I like this mix of colors and patterns! Your blog is very versatile. A great night for you!